Indian cuisine is a combination of many lovely tastes. Flavors are as varied as is the climate of India and as exotic as it’s people. Fragrant, Aromatic & Warm spices from the four corners of the country are delicately blended meticulously to create the dishes we serve you. Each dish will have its own distinctive taste, flavor and aroma which cannot come from any curry powder, but from spices which have to be separately prepared and grounded each day afresh for every single dish. The blending and preparation of spices is a centuries-old craft and indispensable to Indian cuisine. Our awesome food is prepared fresh with the finest ingredients handpicked by our highly trained chefs .We invite you to experience this blissful taste in every meal you have with us. Our love for serving you everything great in quality will make sure VeDA is your go-to choice for Weekdays Lunches, Indian Street Eats and Refreshing Beverages from our Green Bar. VeDA combines variety, quality , ambience and a superior staff service to create a sense of 'home feel” for you in order to reach our goal of overall value in your - Ultimate Dining Experience.

immaculately crafted

Menu offers multiple eating options all through the day !

* Indian Lunch Buffet - Vegetarian;
Vegan Wholesome Indian Lunch Buffet. * Indian Street Eats – Tangy and Tasty Indian Street Food
*The Green Bar – Fresh & Green - Fruits & Vegies so full of Energy.
*The Indian Shelf – One Stop Shop for your Indian Grocery Needs

INDIAN LUNCH BUFFET - provides nutritionally complete and well balanced meals.
VeDA Lunch Buffet is a diverse spread of everyday prepared fresh, warm and aromatic Indian curries & delicacies cooked in mouth-watering spices ( Masalas) paired with Naan breads- (baked fresh & live in special clay oven called tandoor) and served along with lovely Indian Basmati rice -it’s a sheer delight to eat. It’s complemented well with some Starters, Salads and a “soup for the day” along with a fresh Indian beverage like - “Mango Lassi” (smooth, rich and creamy mango yogurt drink prepared with a tinge of saffron & cardamom.). All this is further complemented by a “Dessert for the day “ for our sweet lovers - especially prepared by our Master Chef - Kundan to go along with the Lunch menu for the day.

INDIAN STREET EATS – Veda Indian Street Eats will be a flavor Party in your mouth
A must for everyvisitor as Indian street food is the HIDDEN GEM of Indian cuisine . Some of the most innovative, delicious& flavorful food comes from the real vendors on the streets of India. By offering our street eats in a very traditional form and presentation we will take our eaters on an exciting food & road trip through the streets of India. Our street eats will relish your taste buds with every bite. It’s tangy, tasty, and mouth watering to say the least .We offer our delicious and popular Indian street foods in amazing hand crafted exotic Indian serving platters. Our flavorful drinks like Masala Chai (Tea) & Mango Lassi too are served in special hand painted colorful indian glasses & embossed ethnic stainless steel glasses - depicting the true indian street spirit to make sure – that you enjoy the world’s most delightful street foods in the way it should be enjoyed.

reflects the true spirit of Health, Energy ,Vigor & Vitality . The green bar exudes health inducing offerings in our fresh recipes of - smoothies, juices and shots made from fresh seasonal fruits, veggies and herbs. Our truly unique feature is a special selection of drink called the Green Life (Wheat Grass shots ) - a one of its kind in Bratislava. We are the first in Bratislava to provide you the most authentic Wheat Grass Shots. Our WHEATGRASS IS HOME GROWN - We take great pride in growing our own wheatgrass as it’s a time consuming and a very tedious process. These wheat grass shoots will be plucked, clipped & grinded right in front of you. Fresh Coconut water, drinks made from various herbs, condiments and natural ingredients like-cinnamon, parsley, basil, turmeric, pepper, rock salt, honey, lime, ginger to name a few will adorn the - VeDA GREEN BAR Menu VeDA Green Bar strives to provide the highest quality juices and smoothies made from whole fruits and vegetables. Our Green Bar menu is 100 percent Non Alcoholic.


Experience Authentic Indian Green Teas (Darjeeling) ,herbs ,spices, masalas, pickles, to name a few.